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Hi, I'm Chris.

Full Stack Web Developer

Technical Skills

Frontend Development

Expertise in JavaScript and TypeScript, which I have leveraged to create engaging and interactive user interfaces.

Experience with React and React Native, enabling me to build user-friendly interfaces in web and mobile applications.

Proficient in working with frameworks like Next.js and Astro for optimizing website performance and efficient server-side rendered applications.

Backend Development

Proficient in Node.js, which I use to develop scalable and efficient backend systems.

Experience with RESTful API development, GraphQL, and tRPC for building robust and flexible APIs.

Familiarity with technologies like Express.js and Fastify for creating web applications and microservices.

Knowledge of database systems like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MySQL for efficient data storage and retrieval.

Experience with authentication and authorization mechanisms like JWT and OAuth for secure user management.

Cloud Development

Experience with Cloudflare Cloud ecosystem like Pages, Workers,KV, D1, and R2.

Proficient in integrating Amazon Cognito, AWS Lambda, S3, Amplify, and other AWS Services to create seamless and secure applications.

Utilized Google Auth, Google Functions, and Firebase to enhance user experiences through Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services.

Experience with Supabase, providing secure and scalable backend services for projects.

Latest Projects

Soft Skills


Leveraged problem-solving abilities to overcome development challenges.


Demonstrated adaptability in fast-paced development environments, quickly learning new technologies as required and adjusting to changing project scopes.


Showed initiative by proactively identifying opportunities for process improvements, resulting in more efficient workflows and improved team productivity.

Time Management

Exhibited strong time management skills, consistently meeting project deadlines while maintaining high-quality standards.

Learning never stops

Currently enhancing my skills in Golang and PHP.

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